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trusted bitcoin mixer

Tubmler Review:

The service named “Bitcoin mixer” is structured for bitcoin owners, willing to shuffle their money and as a result – to make it anonymous. In order to reach the same goal one should use special algorithms, offered by Here you will be suggested to pay low commission and at the same time enjoy qualified blender service. Please, be ready, that mixing process may take around 30 minutes. Users may set another time (but not less than 30 minutes) – the more time period you choose, the higher safety and security may your coins get. Don’t forget to indicate the address where your bitcoins should be forwarded.

Easy and safe BTC mixing service

If you are going to forward your bitcoins to another address and take care of its anonymity, use the service, called Every user is for sure interested in minimal bitcoin fee that is charged from service usage.
If you have any problems, queries or even suggestions towards site’s administration, use please the special support panel.

The main advantages of the service represented by the mixer can be considered its speed bitcoin processing, ease of use and management, and there is no need to register. So, the access to the blender-service is open absolutely for everybody. Build-in algorithms can mix your coins with hundreds of other owner’s bitcoins. As a result you get 100% anonymous money. How long does the process of mixing go? In can last 1-6 hours. The concrete time depends on your demand and level of security. 6 hours is of course, too extended period, but nevertheless it is considered to be an ideal time for shuffling coins.





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