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Description exchange remains one of the best Bitcoin exchanges in 2018. This platform is celebrated for being reliable, secure, and reputable partners with another well-known Bitcoin exchange – Coinbase. Based on customers’ experiences, Bitstamp delivers excellent trading services but poor support (as with most other cryptocurrency exchanges). Find out more about this BTC exchange before you put your investment there.

The Coming of

This young startup came on board in 2011 when some college dropouts in their twenties thought about investing. DamijanMerlak and NejcKodric saw what Bitcoin users in Europe were missing something and they filled this gap. Mt. Gox was top at the time, but after it crashed in 2014, the young men experienced a boom in their innovation, and since then, Bitstamp has become a leading exchange in the industry.

Bitstamp Ltd. is the company that runs the exchange and their office is right now in Luxembourg even though they started out in Slovenia. Their other offices are located in New York and London. Throughout Europe, cryptocurrency was the first to become licensed, and it adheres strictly to the regulations defined by the Luxembourg Financial Industry Supervisory Commission (known as CSSF).

Bitstamp Trading Platform

The trading platform on is available via browser. Many cryptocurrency exchanges operate web-based platforms unlike brokers who use software like MetaTrader 4.

The platform emphasizes solid charting even though the functionality is quite limited. There are technical tools and indicators that make it easy for new and advanced traders to get the best of trading. Also, the order book and ask/bid prices are placed in strategic positions that make it easy for users to analyze the market accurately.

To open an account, you provide your basic information which will be verified in about two hours. You’ll need a valid means of identification to have a successful verification within this period. When your account is yet to be verified, you have limited deposits and withdrawals but you can trade any amount

Supported Currencies

Unlike some other crypto exchanges, supports only the U.S. dollars and the European Euro. Apart from these two fiat currencies, the supported cryptocurrencies include BTC, Ripple, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Bitstamp Trading Fees

The trading fee on for Bitcoin is 0.25% when the volumes are low but can be lesser when the volumes are higher. Makers don’t get any commissions, unlike in other exchanges. The platform allows wire transfers with deposits of 0.05% for at least 7.5 (EUR/USD) and withdrawals of 0.09% for at least 15 (USD/EUR).

Trading Amount

The previous trading amount used to be $0.86 but is now $5.

Other trading features include:

  • Instant order
  • Limit order

The real-time trading view makes the platform attractive and easy to use. The security involves the two-factor authentication which they encourage users to use and change password after every three months (90 days precisely).

Since the January 2015 hack which cost the exchange 19,000BTC, the company has improved security, now using cold wallets and secure vaults. These security practices have increased the trust of clients in the exchange.


In all, it is apparent that has a good record among clients and based on its seven-year existence. In summary:


  • Trusted exchange
  • High liquidity
  • Easy to use
  • Real-time trading view
  • Best security practices


  • Supports a few cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies
  • High fees for low trades
  • Poor customer support

Traders in Europe and other parts of the world can bet that exchange is secure, and reliable. Have you tried this exchange?

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