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Not mineable
Rank 13
1.94E-6 btc

Market cap

$971 179 520,00

Volume (24h)

$927 564 343,09

Circulating Supply

66 682 072 191,00 TRX

Max Supply

0,00 TRX

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If you’re up to date with news in the cryptocurrency world, you’ll wonder at the new projects that spring up every day with the promise to change the world. While you may be tempted to think of TRON (TRX) as “just another platform,” this new project is actually aimed at improving global entertainment. Let’s get you in on all the facts and the growing potential of TRON in the crypto ecosystem.

What is TRON (TRX)?

TRON (TRX) promises to “heal the internet” throughout all countries by using the blockchain technology to develop a free content entertainment system. It is also capable of credit sharing, storing, development, and payments which will be highly beneficial to entertainment lovers. Imagine being able to buy live entertainment from another part of the world without leaving your comfort? You can be in Finland and get connected to New York without any payment hitches, thanks to TRON.

Justin Sun is the famous and exciting leader and CEO of TRON. He remains one of Forbes distinguished most influential Asians under 30 and is recognized as the developer of Peiwo, a Chinese form ofSnapchat. Sun believes that TRON will lead the distributed economy with the planned ease for gambling, digital entertainment, and video streaming.

TRON works on TRONIX, the digital currency which enables traders to use any distributed economy. With the smart contract protocol, users can easily gain entry into the features of TRON, own data, and publish content. This protocol also provides ownership rights that determine who shares content. TRON is a virtual currency that aims to connect content developers with content users and assess their credit information especially when involved in gambling.

Like Bitcoin, TRON confirms and validates users’ transactions on the blockchain. This cryptocurrency is one of the few with excellent communication, strength, social media presence, and support. With two ICOs (each selling under 5 seconds) so far, TRON (TRX) has displaced some other altcoins by providing coins per second. By being a universal currency that allows global payment mainly in the entertainment industry, TRON is definitely a threat to Bitcoin and Ethereum. It has a market cap exceeding $128,320,200 USD and has over a hundred billion fixed supplies of coins.

TRON (TRX) Features

  • Reliable Gambling – With TRON, people in the gambling base can easily authenticate and verify their deals without using centralized channels.
  • Variety of Blockchain Networks – Qtum, Bitcoin, EOS, and Ethereum all work on TRON, thereby improving its liquidity.
  • TRON Network plays host between content developers and content users by checking the validity of credit card information.
  • Consensus Mechanism – This platform resolves transaction problems with identity and credit card using the consensus mechanism.
  • Smart Contract Protocol – TRON takes away the long process users usually encounter when trying to get apps from the entertainment industry.


There’s no doubt that 2018 is a big year for TRX, as it has witnessed outstanding increase within few weeks and has won the heart of big investors like Tim Draper. Even though TRON cannot be mined, it’s fast becoming the decentralized entertainment platform that makes sharing content easy.

Above all, TRON (TRX) hopes to connect content developers with their users without the presence of middlemen like YouTube. Sounds like a rewarding investment?

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