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For individuals hoping to trade on the cryptocurrency ecosystem without revealing their identity, this is the coin of coin. Since the Monero coin with market symbol XMR was introduced into the market space in 2014, it has steadily grown to become one of the leading cryptocurrencies. For anonymity-oriented digital currency, it is definitely on top of the list. The developers of the platform have shown uncommon dedication to privacy even at the detriment of cosmetic factors. This has earned the respect of industry heavyweights and placed the currency ahead of others for investors that do not want to be traced on the public ledgers of top cryptocurrencies.

How Monero is different from other digital currencies

First of all, Monero is an alternative coin that is private, secure, and completely untraceable. Though most major cryptocurrencies are supposed to give individuals opportunity to trade without being traced, the fact that transactions in the blockchains are recorded in public ledgers makes this impossible. There is adequate information to trace a user. With Monero, users are completely untraceable. This is majorly because it uses a blockchain that is opaque in nature.

Monero also does not have a centralized mining problem like Bitcoin and some others.

Monero has dynamic block sizes that help to solve the problem of scalability. Depending on the number of transactions, miners can pick the size of block that will work faster.


The monero platform is optimized for different services, just like many other cryptocurrency platforms. There is an opportunity for mining (its algorithm is specifically designed to uphold the viability of CPU mining), you can use it for online monetary transactions like purchasing goods and services. Also, monero can be traded against other cryptocurrencies.

Some special benefits of Monero

As an anonymity-oriented digital currency, the most significant attribute of Monero is its ability to protect users from being traced. The team has developed a sophisticated cryptographic method that ensures a high level of privacy. Here are some unique features of the platform:

Stealth addresses

The major privacy concern in cryptocurrency transaction is address reuse. Multiple transaction from an address means that anyone that knows the address will trace the dealer and monitor transaction. Even when different addresses are used on a single wallet, it can still be traced as a result of the way the platforms deal with changes. With Monero, addresses cannot be traced in the blockchain.

Separate Transaction Units

When transactions are recorded in Monero, it will be delivered in different separate payment units. Each of the units will be recorded in the blockchain as being sent to different stealth addresses. This way, it is impossible to even estimate the specific payment sums delivered to any user. This is applicable in all major transactions like making payments, receiving change from transaction, or receiver fees disbursed to miners.

Ring signature

The ring signature is another approach that enhances privacy of Monero users. It is an advanced system of mixing transactions that keep addresses as public keys that are signatories to transactions. The ring signature feature guarantees that transactions cannot be traced to specific IP addresses.

The future of Monero

As a privacy-centric platform, Monero has been nothing short of brilliance. From all indications, it will continue to be a dependable platform for those that want to keep their privacy intact in the world of cryptocurrency.

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